Quick Start Guide

Get started in 3 easy steps!

What is the CrayonDAOO?

An open-source gig marketplace on Solana where Creators, Investors, and Influencers can create, claim, and complete project bounties as Quests, and gain IRL experience in Web3 by providing marketing and creative services.
As you progress in your Web3 journey, you'll unlock exclusive cosmetics for your Raindrop Protocol-compatible collectibles and earn $RAIN tokens that allow you to convert your own artwork into dynamic, game-ready, assets on Raindrop Protocol.
The gig economy is massive! If we capture even a fraction of the $455b market cap we can triple the liquidity on Solana and create sustainable job opportunities for Creators and Influencers.

We've got 36.9M $RAIN to build a Gig Marketplace on Solana

The Imperium of Rain DAO, controlled by the voting interests of the Degenerate Trash Panda holders, has granted us 36.9m $RAIN to see this through. We intend to put the Degeniverse brand and its holders first, front, and center in welcoming new users to Web3 by bringing transparency and liquidity to the workplace for the first time in human history.

1. Join the CrayonDAOO Discord

Join the CrayonDAOO Discord Server!
There are hidden channels that are SFT token gated to certain Degen Trash Panda traits. Those channels may be notified about new quests with a slight head start. You'll want a CrayonDAOO Trait over a CrayonDAOO Recruit or Guest Pass.

2. Claim your Access Role

Be sure to go to #start-here and claim your role

3. Go on Quests for Kanook the $RAIN Dancing Quest Keeper

Discord Channel Requirement:

We're in an ALPHA state meaning before APP for us. We'll be using Discord while the APP is in development. To gain access to the CrayonDAOO ALPHA you must meet one of the following requirements:
  1. 1.
    Hold at least one DTP (Free Access)
  2. 2.
    Join the Discord:
  3. 3.
    Quest Access: Quest Holders, must verify that they not only own but wear at least one of the following SFT traits in their PFP on the Twitter account being used to complete Quests:
    1. 1.
      Crayon Farmer - BODY
    2. 2.
      Paint Can - HEAD
    3. 3.
      Crayon Shiv - Smirk - MOUTH
    4. 4.
      Rain Jacket - BODY
    5. 5.
      Boot - HEAD
    6. 6.
      Lollipop - MOUTH
    7. 7.
      Fox - Smirk - FUR
    8. 8.
      Fox - Grin - FUR
  4. 4.
    Own an Evolved Chimp and follow @IMSO_NFT on Twitter

Guest Pass

We owe a great deal to the IMSO community for the knowledge their leader, Solana Chris shares with the community. In the spirit of encouraging more degen voices like his, all Evolved Chimps can gain Quest Access to the CrayonDAOO.
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